Operation “Homecoming”

Evangel Ministries Detroit’s plan to worship face-to-face during the pandemic. 

*Conditions Permitting. Please check our website and social media often to follow any changes.

We have prayed and believe that God has released us to cast the vision for us to gather again in the House of God. It is a three-phase plan that allows everyone to feel comfortable and ask questions to clarify what our new normal could be. 

As your shepherd, please understand my desire is your safety and security also, praying for God to speak through His providence and sovereignty. With that said, God has never released us from gathering. We strongly believe that gathering is essential and our faith is more contagious than any virus. God has allowed us, by His grace alone, to thrive and not just survive in this season. Jesus is preparing Evangel Ministries Detroit for something great. 

Because of you, Evangel Ministries Detroit, we have fed thousands, renovated our church, and found creative ways to evangelize and make disciples. Lady Molly and I are grateful to serve you and we are looking forward to what our new season will bring. 


May – June

During this time we’ve offered Drive-In Services and Church On-line. Thank you to everyone who have been so supportive during this time. We initially planned to remain in Phase 1 through July but through much prayer and consideration we opened the sanctuary on June 21, 2020!


Our Summer Sermon Series: RESET TO RENEW 

*Keep connected with us closely during this time. We’re currently offering 4 options for worship: On-line, Drive-In, Under the Tent, and in the Sanctuary. These options will change as conditions permit.

We will be diving into the Book of Jonah as a roadmap back into the House of God. Jonah had to reset to renew and revival happened in Nineveh. Could God be calling us to Reset to Renew? Jonah needed to be reset. COVID-19 has swallowed us as a city, nation, and world. God’s plan was to renew a nation, which caused revival in a very unlikely place. 

We will be studying the Book of Jonah for the Summer to reflect on COVID-19, with the intention to get renewed as we believe God for revival this fall. 

Questions will be answered about what our church will look like after COVID-19. During every service, I will be answering all concerns and given facts regarding COVID-19 as we prepare for our “Home-coming” service on September 6. Lord willing! 

Our leadership team will answer questions, address comments and concerns. Our goal is safety and salvation. Please email prayingzo@evangelministriesdetroit.org 


September 6th we will have our “Home-Coming” Service. Details to come! Please check back and follow us on social media for details.

We will release a FAQ and keep communications open to ensure everyone’s safety and protection. 

Your Pastor, 

Lorenzo Sewell 

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