Jaye was an only child who grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which he calls his “Egypt”. His past life experiences showcased a world of self-centered, self-pleasing, and self-profiting activity, but when the saving grace of God took hold of him he submitted to Christ and changed his life forever. Jaye now focuses on becoming a better person for God, his family, and for all the individuals he encounters. From youth to adulthood, Jaye encourages and empowers teachers, counselors, aides, and all others who give all they have to help people reach their dreams. Jaye shares the message of leadership and the importance of overcoming obstacles to education and corporate institutions throughout the country.

Mr. Hill’s methodology is “Changing Minds in Moments.”  As part of the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative, Mr. Hill participated in an intense 15-month faith-based Leadership Development Program for urban youth workers. This program gave Jaye Hill the ability to offer a variety of leadership programs that cultivates a mindset for finding the leader inside. In his current book, “Becoming a 21st Century Leader,” Jaye discusses the role of leadership and the qualities that one must possess to become a true leader. These principles include education, determination, integrity, assertiveness, and respect; all qualities that lead to the path of empowerment and optimal leadership.

Jaye Hill consistently creates thought-provoking programs that work to sustain the leader inside. His courses have given him the ability to speak in Middle Schools, High Schools, and Colleges across the nation about cultivating young leaders that will carry on the mission of “Changing Minds in Moments.” The mission’s mantra “Changing Minds in Moments” along with a workbook “Becoming a 21st Century Leader” continues the development of word (L.E.A.D.E.R) Loyal, Empowering, Assertive, Determine, Educated, and Respectful. With these core principles and interactive discussions/activity sessions, Jaye is able to bridge gaps creating healthy relationships and memorable moments that “Change Minds in Moment.”

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