The Power of Presence

180 Church Sermon Series

week 1 Gives us confidence 

PT. 1 To follow when fearful (v.32)

PT. 2 To go into our divine dynasty (v.33) 

Take Away: In His presence, we receive confidence in Christ 

week 2 Changes our hearts 

PT. 1 We do know, what we do not know (vv. 35-39)

PT. 2 Self-ambition vs. God’s selection (vv. 40-41)

PT. 3 Society’s vs. Spiritual expectations (vv.42-45)

Take Away: In His presence, He changes our hearts 

week 3 Sudden Change 

PT. 1 Makes the mundane miraculous  (v.46)PT.

2 Makes us see our solution (v.47)

Take Away: In His presence expect a sudden change 

week 4 Get what you came for

PT 1. Do not let people stop you (v.48)

PT. 2 Christ is listening (v.49)

PT. 3 Be detailed (vv.50-51)

Take Away: In His presence, He will give you what you came for 

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